I'm online so you don't have to be

I got furloughed from my blog job, so some friends told me to start this. What does the “B” stand for? I don’t know.

This newsletter will hopefully be like the stuff I usually post about (weird computer things) plus, honestly, whatever else I want. Ideally, these emails will be less boring and more punchy than my other posts because I alone call the shots and there’s nobody to say, “Do not do that.”

I can’t promise these emails will be any good, but I think they will be. Maybe it’ll give you a couple of funny links you can send to the group chat and allow you to seem like a fun, interesting person.

When will these emails come out? Tuesday evening and Saturday morning.

(I’m gonna ask you to pay for it in the future [in fact, you can already pay for it now] so start wrapping your head around that concept. In the meantime, tell your friends or enemies!)