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A common theme that has come up this year is the concept of “getting Jokerfied” and “Jokerfication” — which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the process of becoming the Joker. If you are new to society, the Joker is a mischievous clown from the Batman stories who plays pranks that kill people. A clown is a comedic entertainer who makes balloons into shapes, and their job does not usually require killing people. A prank is a sort of jape or jest that is usually non-lethal. So you can see how the Joker subverts expectations.

In short, the Joker is supposed to be funny. But actually? He’s not funny and is in fact someone to be wary of. The Joker adheres to no coherent ideology, he just does stuff to be annoying.

People love the Joker. If you’re into nihilism, the Joker is your guy. Young men got really into the Joker a little over a decade ago when a guy who pretended to be Joker in a longer version of a Quibi died before the the Jumbo Quibi went live. That guy won a shiny trophy for this work. Earlier this year, a different man (who years ago I saw poop on a bed in a fake documentary directed by a sex pest) won the same shiny trophy for pretending to be the Joker.

Anyway, in a world where things seem to increasingly not matter, people are become Jokerfied, which means that bad stuff is happening but actually they find it funny. Because the only way to survive is to laugh it off instead of getting mad. Going Joker is a protection mechanism.

2020 has been a big year for Jokerfication. A lot has gone wrong. In difficult times, many people turn to source material — clips of the Joker on the internet — for help. And they leave comments.

I’m always interested in what people are saying about the murderous shenanigan man and so I went straight to the source to find out. I searched “joker” on YouTube and here are some of the top comments (as determined by YouTube) on each of the videos.

Joker Kills Murray Scene - JOKER (2019) 4K Movie Clip (6,874,983 views)

Batman - The Dark Knight | The Joker Compilation (All Scenes) (27,983,255 views)

Joker - That's Life - Final Scene 1080 p (1,376,739 views)

Stairs dance | Joker [UltraHD, HDR] (21,086,180 views)

Joker Final Trailer (2019) | Movieclips Trailers (11,899,501 views)

Joker's Pencil Trick Scene | The Dark Knight (2008) Movie Clip 4K (540,879 views)

Joker BGM Song (Bass Boosted) (91,975,234 views)

JOKER - My Way (1,220,732 views)

THE JOKER'S SAD ORIGIN STORY... (A Fortnite Short Film) (627,869 views)

Batman interrogates the Joker (9,397,491 views)

Now I'm always smiling | The Dark Knight (30,096,617 views)

You wouldn't get it | Joker 4K clips (3,765,232 views)

Joker & Harley Couple of the Underworld | Suicide Squad (10,246,541 views)

Joker blow up the hospital | The Dark Knight [UltraHD, HDR, IMAX] (4,631,638 views)

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