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i'm busy

I’ve only got a bunch of half-baked ideas in my head right now so we’re doing another one of those newsletters where I just send you some funny stuff I found. As a reminder, I am soliciting pitches for the month of May, and the deadline to get those in is Friday.


Shrek VS Obama and Ninja: Battle For The Swamp

This is a video where Shrek, dressed as the Witcher, fights a giant Obama and Ninja from Fortnite. Seems pretty self-explanatory. Shrek rides on a giant hot dog as if it were a horse.

balloon guy

There’s this guy online who wastes helium (finite resource) blowing up foil letter balloons and making terrible inspirational social media posts out of them. I have no particular beef with him but the schtick sucks, and he seems to know people hate it but he keeps doing it anyway, because there are also freaks out there who like it. Different strokes. Anyway, someone got his ass.

re: NFTs

BNet is a forward-thinking publication with its finger on the pulse. In the past couple of weeks, non-fungible tokens have blown up as a way of selling and authenticating digital art. (You would know all about this if you’d read BNet two months ago. BNet is a very good newsletter that’s regularly ahead of the curve. If you’d like your media outlet to be ahead of the curve, you could just hire me. I’m going to keep being more and more shameless on here until I have full-time work or everyone unsubscribes. This is my promise.)

Here’s another thing about NFTs: like everything else related to cryptocurrency, they’re terrible for the environment. While personal responsibility re: climate change is increasingly unemployment, you should know that the whole thing sucks.

Tiny Aibo

I enjoyed learning about the digital dog.

here’s a neat trick

I genuinely watched this clip ten times this afternoon

Meyers Leonard plays for Miami Heat. He also streams on Twitch. If I made money playing for the NBA, I would not do anything else in public, but that’s just my perspective.

Anyway, this week, Leonard was streaming Call of Duty on Twitch this week when he used a slur. He then just kept playing, oblivious to the fact that he’d just messed up in an extremely public way. And then he got a phone call, which he took on stream. He just listens silently, his face sinking, and then he abruptly says “my wife needs me” and logs off.

It’s an incredible clip. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for reading BNet. I promise I’ll have something better on Friday, I just didn’t get it done in time.